Brand Workshop for Dance Company

danceInclusive dance production company, Gdance, had just come through a period of restructure, it had lost direction and become confused about its offer, trying to be all things to all men.  Funding streams had dried up and the Charity had to make some difficult decisions. A new streamlined Gdance was looking to affirm its position as a leading ambassador and creator of leading inclusive dance theatre productions and films.

Helen Crocker, Artistic Director at Gdance invited me to undertake a brand awareness project to support Gdance in defining the Company’s brand and its key messages to stakeholders and produce a report with clearly set out values, mission and strategy for the future.

The work included an insights survey gathering key data from all key stakeholders and a brand workshop held off site with all Gdance staff and members of the board in attendance.

“We were really pleased with the work Claire did with us. The research was detailed & in depth & they managed to gain an understanding of a small but complex organisation in transition, no small achievement! The workshop was run very effectively & the report gives us an invaluable tool for moving forward. We highly recommend them.”

Helen Croker, Artistic Director, Gdance

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