Everyone’s brain naturally forms neural pathways or ‘mental ruts’ – but if you apply stimulus to the brain it forms new pathways, helping you to think differently.

latest-logoInnovative training company, Treehouse helps company’s learn to ‘think differently’. Whether it’s the next ‘big idea’, trying to improve staff motivation or a strategy to improve profit, their innovative programmes provide the stimulus needed in an inspiring, fun, deliberate and effective way. It works for everyone in any field.  Clients include Twinings, Ministry of Defence, BAE and The National Trust.

I worked with Treehouse from February 2016 until Sept 2018 initially writing and uploading blog posts and overseeing production of their new website, but then working closely with Helen Westendorp, Treehouse Director, across a wide range of activities including helping with bid writing, marketing communications, brand champion and copywriting of all marketing assets.

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